Automation of logistical processes is a complex process that requires serious tools to design, plan, optimise or control processes at different stages of the implementation. CEIT offers complex set of tools to facilitate this process.

Logistic planning, design and optimisation platform: CEIT Table

CEIT Table is an interactive tool for efficient manufacturing and logistics planning and design. It enables production or logistics concept planning using 3D models and helps to select the best option via detailed analysis. It represents an original and innovative approach to planning and design of the production and/or logistics systems. It consists of following functions:

  • Layout design
  • Production capacity planning
  • Part consumption planning
  • Logistic system design & planning
  • Handling equipment capacity planning
  • Production scheduling
  • Workplace balance
  • Operator & task optimisation
  • Warehouse design
  • „Supermarket“ design
  • Workplace ergonomic evaluation
Optimisation & Control

Monitor & Control System – monitoring and control platform for AGV operation

Our platform enables real time control and monitoring of logistic vehicles (AGV trucks) and other system elements. System presents important information for decision-making and management of individual elements of the logistics process. It also allows to gather information for later analysis and optimization of logistics processes.

The platform provides graphical visualization of states and positions of individual logistic elements (movement, waiting, manipulation, charging, inactivity, intersections, etc.). It outputs status information in a text, graphical form or their combination. It also allows to effect individual elements in real time (e.g. by activation or deactivation), track the status of some parts of AGV tractors (scanner, battery, etc.) and to display linked dynamic conveyor status windows (busy condition).

  • Real time controlling and monitoring of logistic vehicles (AGV trucks) and other system elements.
  • Decision-making and management of individual parts of the logistics process

Gathering information for later analysis and optimization of logistics processes.

Optimisation & Control

Track & Trace – AGV operation analysis

Track & trace module allows to do detailed AGV operational analysis including following functions:

  • AGV modes - overview of the individual conditions recorded in time and analysis of travelled distance.
  • AGV response time - regular measurement of response times of all AGV trucks displayed on the map of the production hall.
  • Damaged TAGs - identification of damaged radio-communication parts of AGV truck, identification of areas with low signal.
  • Loss times – TAGs monitoring of the presence of the AGV trucks at selected places defined by the RFID tags.
  • Server status – overview of server’s extent of utilization, free disc space, etc.
  • Loss times – records presence of a pallet on the selected static conveyor.
  • Conveyor status - overview of condition of static and dynamic conveyors.
  • Estimation of manufactured parts.

Pallet movement - recording and monitoring pallets movement in the production hall.

Optimisation & Control
Optimisation & Control

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