Project Hydealist
Hybrid Storage for AGV in Logistics


The Hydealist project addresses the need for fast-charging of Automated Guided Vehicles, AGVs, as a use case for the fast-charging of electric vehicles. Intralogistics has undergone a substantial shift over the past three to four decades, moving away from manual warehouses towards fully automated distribution centres. This type of operation faces a complex set of demands. Just-in-time deliveries, financial constraints, profitability concerns and safety are just a few of them.
Furthermore, the charging costs of electric AGVs for intralogistics can amount to 35% of the factory’s operating costs. The main cost items are dedicated rooms for charging, and low-efficiency batteries that cannot be charged rapidly, which means they need to be replaced. More efficient electric systems are therefore needed to further reduce energy bills and increase energy efficiency.


The Hydealist project aims at developing a new ultrafast-charging hybrid battery that combines ultracapacitors, developed by NAWATechnologies, and conventional batteries. This combination makes for a fast-charging and long-life hybrid pack. The initial application is to power an innovative electric fast-charging AGV to examine improvements in production efficiency.

The project’s vision is to take advantage of the AGV use case to develop ultracapacitor cells, hybrid packs, vehicles and charging stations as a replicable concept. It is easy to see utilisation for other purposes, such as trucks in harbours and airports. And in future smart cities both goods and passengers will travel by new types of electrical vehicles that will rely on smart, safe and rapid charging.

At the end of the project the demonstrator will validate the AGV configuration, the design of the hybrid storage system and the NAWACap ultracapacitor cells’ performance.

Project Consortium

NAWA Technologies


Project Products

• Hybrid ultra-fast charging storage system (HUFB) for mobility
• Fast-charging AGV with hybrid storage for intralogistics

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