Noise and vibration analysis

We perform declarative measurements of devices as well as source identification of individual sound components with the help of acoustic holography and subsequent allocation of ratio of the device total noise. We will also evaluate psychoacoustic as well as vibrational properties of the device.

  • We can identify the source of individual noise components.
  • We propose the improvement of vibroacoustic parameters, without adverse impact on the function and price.
  • Optimization of noise and vibrations moves the product ahead of the competition.


  • Measurement of the acoustic pressure and power
  • Psychoacoustics – sound quality measurement
  • Source identification of individual noise components
  • Measurement of acoustic properties of materials
  • Vibration measurement by the contact and non-contact method
  • Optimization of acoustic properties
  • Simulation of impact of proposed changes on the product
  • Verification of products in different operating states
  • Proposal to change implementation