CEIT has implemented complex projects of manufacturing process digitisation since 2006. Nowadays, CEIT is a top company in the development and use of Digital Factory tools in Slovakia as well as in Europe.


Digital Factory is a set of advanced technologies enabling to obtain digital models of all elements in a company: components, products, technologies, manufacturing processes, people or management systems.

It is therefore a comprehensive digital image of a real company that allows you to make changes and see their impact before they are implemented. Such experiments in a real environment would be very costly, dangerous, and even impossible.

Digital Factory tools are most frequently used in the design of new manufacturing systems, in designing and optimising the layout of manufacturing and logistic systems, or detailed design of workplaces.

Digital Factory is essential for advanced manufacturing systems in the spirit of Industry 4.0. And it is digitalisation that allows companies to prepare for the revolutionary changes in manufacturing that are no longer mere dreams of the future. Changes are happening right now.

 digital factory

Areas of cooperation:

  • 3D digitisation of objects / 3D laser scanning
  • Verification of deviations between reality and construction projects
  • Designing manufacturing systems for Industry 4.0
    • Conceptual design of workplaces
    • Detailed design of workplaces
  • Simulation of manufacturing and logistic systems
  • Ergonomics up-to-date and comprehensive
  • Research and development of products for Digital Factory
    • CEIT Table
    • Digital Twin
    • CERAA Application


Brochure Digital Factory