CEIT Group is an innovative company which provides complex solutions to improve the productivity,efficiency and represents a permanent source of competitiveness in industrial company. The unique business entity with its broad portfolio of services and products offers high-quality and professional service to the clients and partners..

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Company focus


CEIT company was incorporated in Registry Office on 24.9.2009. The company has the following main activities:

  • Research and development on natural sciences and engineering,
  • Research and development on social sciences and humanities,
  • intermediary activity in commerce,
  • brokerage services,
  • intermediate in the production.

A complete breakdown of the business as well as an extract from the Companies Register of CEIT, as can be found here


The joint-stock company CEIT took place in late 2011 certification audit. Thanks to careful preparation we have in this challenging vetted stood. Certification organization confirmed that our management system fulfills the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

iso certifikát



The main subject of the quality management system of CEIT, Inc. research, development and design of technical solutions, application of latest technologies and innovations in industry, education, consulting and proj1ektová activities, consultancy in the development of businesses. The company produces its activities in integrated projects so as far as possible based towards its customers. Its principal assets include elasticity, flexibility and individual approach to customers and suppliers. Senior management is fully aware of the responsibility for quality to customers and therefore undertakes to observe the quality of its services to customer satisfaction by introducing an effective quality management system.

To achieve this commitment to continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system with regard to the requirements of ISO 9001, the company undertakes:

  • Improve their processes and effectiveness of the quality management system.
  • Implement the latest knowledge and trends of research activities and project management for the continuous development of its customers, partners and its competitiveness.
  • Develop and implement quality products and services at a high professional level corresponding to specific customer requirements, as well as legal and other requirements within the time and cost.
  • Systematically interact with customers, identify their needs and requirements for its products, examine them, to create the company and our suppliers conditions for their full understanding, fulfillment and thus maintain and purposefully strengthen its market position.
  • Generate the necessary resources in staff training, infrastructure, work environment for the full quality of products and services, implementation of Labour Code, safety and fire prevention.

All employees and workers who work for the organization are obliged to follow the above principles and fully respect the policy of quality management system.

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